Sunday, 29 May 2011

Vintage Memories!

I'm having a nostalgic week ....with the being creative project about home, and the contents of my wind swept washing line !

As my genuine mid 70s duvet cover was fluttering in the breeze, between being buffeted by the stormy gusts
I spied this label:

Its ages since I'd heard anyone mention Terylene and how fantastic to have ICI alongside it! I have many many great memories of the ICI factories of the North East of England- or One-Kuh-One as  they were known in our house. 
I LOVE the industrial heritage I grew up with, British Steel and ICI being just two names that have disappeared from the landscape....
It prompted me to get some of the other well loved and well worn wonderful seventies paraphernalia out of the airing cupboard....
I am using the groovy circle patterned towel to mop up during my brief wet felting episodes..
and in my being creative post there will be some of the wallpaper that sat alongside these 2 floral duvet covers........


Unknown said...

I love the trips down memory lane that are being initiated by the current vintage movement. It's so lovely to read everyone's different stories which in turn often spark your own.
So, what are you making with that duvet cover then? Dying to know!
Becky x

ThatFuzzyFeeling said...

Ali, just reading the word Terylene just whisked me back to my childhood days - the lovely domestic cosiness of my grandparents' kitchen in particular, for some reason...! What an interesting theme to work on, I'm looking forward to discovering how you've chosen to interpret it in your creations! Liz x

Melody said...

I think i have groovy circle pattern towel envy!